Why Us?

Five Reasons to be here:

  • Dedication: While you are here, you’re not at a multi brand large retail outlet! Trying to sell everything under the Sun to people having to purchase products, doing so without any emotions, and having outsourced mostly all items on a mass selling model. We’re dedicated to making only products for Kids, because we love and understand them. They’re special for you and we know that. There’s always no compromise when it comes to our Kids and we use the best quality fabrics tested to international standards for safety and protection of your Kids. We care and you will know it!
  • Design: It’s our strength. We have an extensive experience when it comes to room décor co-ordination and our panel of designers from NIFT and NID has created products to ensure a full co-ordination of products for your Kids rooms. International styles, colourful yet sober and simple yet stylish to make your Kids rooms turn around into comfort zones and giving a character to every element in the room.
  • Paradox Of Choice: Let our Kids play games, we don’t! We don’t want you to get into any trap of shopping but spend wisely and we understand the importance of you picking up the right product for your Kids. More often than not, big retail companies use various strategies to make you spend more by offering too many choices leading you to confusion. Every one of us has had the feeling of confusion and regret after being offered too many choices in addition to the feeling of having spent your hard earned money. Why do we still keep repeating our mistakes? We ensure that every product of ours has a specific character and a complimenting feature to the room décor. We want our customer to understand that by offering limited choices they use better judgment and will always be able to justify and enjoy their purchase without the feeling of over spending.
  • Value: Another retail trap for offering sub standard quality products by low pricing! People who value their money, care for quality and want to have a great utility experience are at the right place now. We price our products as per their quality, and we offer the best. We believe that our products have a reasonably better life cycle and that you will understand this after use .
  • Services: How many manufacturers have you had direct access to? Yes, when you associate with us you only talk to us. Amazing services offered like customized design services, room interior décor solutions, a warm and friendly customer care and most importantly a company that you’ll talk to as friends... We assure you that. You’ll never feel ignored here. When you need help we’ll be there. The top management of the company understands the value of our customers and has set up very good processes to deal with the clients on a personal level. We value all our associations and want to know our customers personally without imposing ourselves on them and treating them just as an advertising and marketing retail database.

Having said this, we hope you have a wonderful shopping experience at TheKidsDecor.com and we hope to serve you better with each passing day.

With all the love and best wishes,
The Kids Decor Team