Almost all of us want things as per our needs. Be it a tailor made suit, a well-fitting salwar kameez or the right width and length for our curtains. And why not?
Keeping this in mind, we came up with the idea to enable our valuable clients get things just the way they want it.
We understand that people who appreciate good things, appreciate doing those things the right way. By introducing this concept, we aim to remove the limitations involved in sourcing& executing while providing you the expertise required to get started and expanding your creativity. This will help you to personalise, customise and stylise our products and get the right product for your special one.
Please visit the Made to Order link and get the freedom of choosing the style and size you prefer.
Also visit the Our Design Studio link at the bottom of the home page to understand the various DIY options we provide.
We will also be giving a lot of tips for room décor and house-keeping in general, in addition to a lot of parental guidance tips which will surely help you all.